Why Nadeau Should Be On Your Wedding Registry

Your partner just popped the question, and you can already hear wedding bells ringing in your ears. Congratulations, you’ve found the love of your life; now it’s time to design the home of your dreams! Before you and your future spouse can start living your happily ever after, you’ll need to figure out where and how you are going to live. Whose furniture will you keep? What style will you use to decorate your shared space? When will you find the courage to tell them that their hideous neon sign has to go? We can’t help you with the “where” or the “how” but we do have everything you need to fill your home with soul. Put Nadeau on your wedding registry and your pad will be brimming with gorgeous new pieces before you can say “I do”!

You may think that adding furniture and decor accessories to your decor registry is unconventional but the practice is quickly gaining traction among newlyweds in modern society. Choosing items to design your decor together is an exciting alternative to trinkets and unnecessary kitchen upgrades because they are the building blocks of a shared future. The wholesale pricing we offer makes us a practical and affordable option for any wish list.

You’ll be spending most of your time together in the bedroom (snoring or not) so we’ll start here. Add a bit of symmetry to your sleeping sanctuary with paired nightstands or side tables. The low cost and versatility of these items make them a great option for gift givers and receivers alike.

His & hers office spaces represent the perfect opportunity to express your individual tastes without clashing or having to compromise. Feel free to select desks, chairs, and wall decor that suit your respective preferences with creative impunity. If your better half doesn’t like your style, you can always shut the door!

When selecting pieces for the living room, teamwork and compromise are paramount. Reasonably priced coffee tables, sideboards, and consoles can all be found in a snap but choosing one you both will love for years to come may take some time. Be patient and you treasure hunt will prove fruitful.

Go big or go home as they say. Despite their price, kitchen and dining room furnishings definitely have a place on your wish list. Pieces like these are an excellent option for those who would prefer to make group purchases rather than go it alone.

Once you’re waist-high in wedding plans, it is completely understandable if you and your partner are unable to reach an agreement on styles and decor items. There’s no pressure to decide now. You can always choose to add Nadeau gift cards to your registry. They can be combined for larger items and there is no purchase minimum so your friends and family can give as they are able.
Visit your local Nadeau today to speak with one of our team members about designing your love nest! Click here to find a store nearest you. We receive new styles monthly so you are guaranteed to find more and more each time you stop by. Be sure to ask about our email lists to receive a notification when an exciting new shipment comes in. Happy shopping!

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