What to Expect at Nadeau in 2019!

With 2019 having only just started, we all seem to be obsessed with what’s new. In a year where self-driving cars will make science fiction a science fact, LGBTQ rights will be revered and possibly expanded during the 50th year anniversary of the Stonewall riots, space tourism will be further developed, and electric cars will dominate the market, it’s going to be a massive year for innovation and prosperity. Nadeau is taking the new year to another level in home decor with new shipments of never-before-seen pieces from India and Indonesia! Expect new shapes, bursts of color, and unique accents to arrive at your local location. Take a look below for a small preview! PS: some of these pieces are already in-store at various locations; stop by and explore.

…and these are only just some of the pieces! Expect tons of new shipments all year long with awe-inspiring ways to decorate your space. If you haven’t already (and how come?), sign-up for our newsletter and be alerted whenever new shipments arrive. FYI, each location has its own newsletter, so you’ll only receive alerts whenever your local Nadeau is collecting a new shipment. Have a great start to your new year!

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