What Media Console Goes With What TV Show?

Ever wonder what would happen if you were to transform your entertainment room into your favorite TV show? Or which media console fits best with your TV preferences? Well, in celebration of the fall TV season, we matched a few of our media consoles and accessories with some of our favorite TV shows–making it the optimal way to binge watch (or regular watch, if that’s even a thing anymore) all new and returning shows!


While each family in the show has their own unique style, we drew our inspiration from the Dunphy’s. By painting the walls blue and hanging up some colorful wall art, we brought the quirky family’s lively energy and togetherness to the living room. This solid wood media console ties the colors of the walls and accessories with the wood floor panels thoughtfully, just like the show’s overall concept.


Photo by Peter “Hopper” Stone/ABC


There’s no denying the rising popularity of this musical drama. It has always been about reaching goals and overcoming obstacles and attaining gold status. That’s why an elegantly painted media console with a gold base is the ONLY piece this family will accept.


Photo by Chuck Hodes/Fox


While the greatest animated family on television do not have a media console, instead the TV itself has built-in legs, they would be highly encouraged to change that once they see this colorfully painted media console.


Photo by Fox


We’re now entering a new sci-fi world on television. This blue painted media console defies gravity, just like the ideas from the characters who built the mysterious amusement park in the show.


Photo by HBO


You’re living in downtown LA and a converted warehouse is THE way to go! By enhancing the urban brick walls with an industrial media console, you can bring the charm and coolness of this TV show to your home.


Photo by Fox


This grey media console will make you feel like you’re outside in the forest facing zombies left and right. Just remember, if you see a zombie lurking around, stay quiet and head for the hills!


Photo by Gene Page/AMC


The living room is by far the best space to bring the whole family together. We all want a place to assure us that we are constantly being loved by the people who live with us. This open media console has nothing to hide and has tons of space to display each of your family’s countless personalities.


Photo by NBC/Ron Batzdorff/NBC

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