What Can You Do With Nadeau?

Every chef knows that if you want to make a delicious meal, you have to start with the best ingredients. Likewise, talented architects only build buildings using high-quality construction supplies. If you are planning to create something amazing, it helps to start out with the best materials you can find. Why should home decor be any different?

When you shop at Nadeau, you will find everything you need to design a dream house straight out of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. Professional interior decorators may have the experience, but flair and artistry aren’t something you learn. All it takes is a little ingenuity to make a masterpiece of your own. Still have doubts about what the average Joe can do? Well, that won’t last long because we’ve got proof! Below you’ll find  five of our favorite ‘client creations!’

Sarah J. is first up with her side wall buffet. She earned her spot for her use of bold color, minimal adornment, and practicality. Who would have thought that a simple buffet could be so flattering when paired with striking artwork? Now she is storing her dishes in style.

Angie turned her living room into a lounger’s paradise, replete with comfy throw pillows, a wood tray with a natural finish, and a painted coffee table. Our coffee table acts as a great centerpiece for the space, but you can find almost everything you see in this photo at your local Nadeau. Disclaimer: The dog, although adorable, is not an accessory you can purchase from us.

The Rosen family used a pair of our solid wood nightstands and mirrors to create a comfy, well-balanced bedroom design. We are in love with the symmetry and accent wall art above the headboard! Imagine falling asleep every night surrounded by proof of your own artistic talent. You can’t buy that kind of validation.

Sarah H. had the vision to see that a TV stand could be more than its namesake. She spotted the eye-catching finish on this gorgeous piece and snatched it up before it got away from her.  The unique design elements of this item make it an impressive on its own, but we think her addition of small table toppers took it to the next level.

Last but not least, one of our favorites was submitted with no name, so we’ll have to ask Jane Doe to forgive us for not giving a proper shout out. Remember what we said about ingenuity? Well, this gorgeous bathroom vanity used to be a buffet! A few measurements here, a couple cuts there, and BAM!!! Two sinks later you have a drool-worthy bathroom surface that looks as if it was born that way.

After checking out what these customers did with what they had to work with, we’re pretty sure that your creative juices are flowing. If you are still feeling hesitant about taking the first step toward your amateur interior design career, come visit us! Our team has been in the decor business for years and we’d be happy to steer you in the right direction. As always, send pictures of Nadeau product in your home to pr@furniturewithasoul.com. We love seeing where our pieces end up.

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