Tip: Organizing Cookware

Image via MSN Living
Image via MSN Living

Do you find your pots and pans cupboard is always a mess? All the different sizes and the lids just won’t stay in place and fall out every time you open the door? Do you find you have draws full of knives and endless utensils that the drawer is a struggle to close? You are not alone!

Fortunately for us there are many people out there who have come up with some amazing and genius ideas to help us arrange our unruly cookware:

1. Magnetic Knife Strip: Use a magnetic knife strip for all those knives that simply won’t fit in the drawers.

2. Pegboard Wall: Try a pegboard wall to hold many different objects, here is a great one from Apartment Therapy.

3. Recycled wheel hanging pot rack: It doesn’t even have to be a wheel! Check out this great DIY pot rack on Wiki How.

4. 3M Hooks: These are great for all kitchen items but especially for those pot lids, take a look at this great tutorial.

5. Lid rack: Put pots on one shelf and lids on another–and contain the mess.

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