Things to Check Before Buying a House

You just found your dream home! It looks amazing inside and out but there might be a few things you are missing. Don’t forget to go through our top 3 must do check list before agreeing to anything.

#1 Check the cell reception. As people move farther and farther away from idea of land lines, cells have become  the main form of communication. If you’re dead set on a place, you can ask your carrier to install an extender or try for a wi-fi phone but no one wants the hassle.

#2 Make sure to check the outlets! How many are there? Are they modern? If you answered in a small number or with no to the second question, this places is probably a no go.

#3 Peek under sinks and in places plumbing is hiding. Things like mold will be a major issue for you as well as pest control so look out for lots of raid and mouse traps.

For more things you may have missed visit this link for 12 Important Things to check When Inspecting a Potential Home.

Any of these things have the potential of ruining your dream home. We suggest making a pro/con list with must haves and things you can/can’t live with to make the process easy. Happy home hunting!

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