The Ultimate House Warming Gift

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Your best friend or sibling just moved to a new home. You’ve been invited over to see the place. What do you bring in celebration? You could bring the usual bottle of brew or a food dish but why not make it more personalized with their favorite things?

We suggest these easy, personalized gift ideas!

What you’ll need will be based on your relationship. Brainstorm a few ideas and then add a home decor piece to bring the whole thing together.

For the friend that cooks, you could add lighter fluid for their grill, some helpful utensils, maybe a timer all on a decorative tray. The entertaining friend would probably like a small bottle of their favorite liqueur, some new shot or tasting glasses, and cocktail stirrers with a cocktail tray. For your best glam pal, give them a new nail polish, face mask, and lotions in a cute bowl. You may even want to consider a holiday that is coming up. Maybe, your friend needs some new winter lights or decorative candles. Since it is fall, go for a coffee accessories gift – Try a bag of their favorite blend and a new coffee cup all in a home decor lantern! If all else fails, go for the perfect movie night. Include a bag of popcorn, their favorite candy, and a movie with a serving tray.

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