The Ultimate Holiday Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Move over Santa, Nadeau is creating our lists and checking them twice this holiday season. In light of the current festivities, we have prepared a list of holiday must-haves for those who may be stumped on what to fill those stockings with. Hint: It’s not coal. While a table might be too big to load into a stocking, it wouldn’t hurt to throw a bow on it and gift it to a loved one – or yourself of course. For those who are celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas, or the delightful season of giving, this is for you! Happy holidays to all and to all a goodnight.


Tis’ the season of decorating! Our Nadeau elves have been hard at work. From 10 AM to 6 PM Monday – Friday, Sunday 12 PM to 5 PM weekly, all 41 stores have decked their halls with boughs of holly! We’d like to think of them as our very own Who-ville.

Whether you’re gathering around the warmth of candles, or the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree, we have some quick tips for decorating:

  • Tip #1: Layers! Layers are not just pretty, they can make a space look whole and feel intimate. Luckily for you, our stores are stocked with hosting essentials, as well as simple decor to fill your tables.
  • Tip #2: Accessories can be multi-functional. One of our favorite additions to any home, is ladders! Santa might come down a chimney, but it doesn’t mean you can’t add a ladder to any space. Wrap them with lights or hang your beloved blankets, ladders are both charming and functional.
  • Tip #3: Last but not least… bar carts and kitchen islands are a must! Revamp your home with pieces that fit this years style. In select stores, we have a set of classy bar essentials to help create a Christmassy confection that will be one to remember. The bottom line is, everywhere you look should have an overwhelming amount of gorgeous and unique pieces! We’ve got you covered on everything you need to deck out your halls and fill your home with the holiday spirit.

If you didn’t find something awe-inspiring on this list, don’t worry there’s more! In terms of the gift that keeps on giving, we have something that will make you jump with joy! Drum roll please – Gift Cards! Gift your co-workers, loved ones, and those close to you with a card that will last a lifetime. Order them by December 12th to have them under the tree by Christmas! Click here to order now!

Hopefully, our holiday edition blog has given you one last push to put the finishing touches on your seasonal decor. Click here to find your nearest store and grab the final piece to check off your holiday list. Our inventory turns over quickly so check back frequently to see what you may have missed. That officially wraps up our holiday favorites for this year. Want to be featured in a blog or social media? Be sure to tag @nadeaufurniture in all of your holiday designs!



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