The Perfect Chair for Each Room

Sit back and relax for a while, because we’re going to take you on a little tour of seating for different rooms of the house. Chairs are the backbone (or should we say backrest) of nearly all interior decor schemes. On the functional side, they’re the first place we go to wind down, eat nearly every meal, and work for hours on end. They’re also the first thing we grab when we need a step stool. No doubt, they get a lot of use and abuse.

On the aesthetic side, the type of seating you choose for each room says a lot about your personality and sense of style. Swapping out one chair or a set of chairs can be a relatively inexpensive yet powerful way to update your decor.

The needs of Nadeau customers vary widely when it comes to seating. We travel the world to find chairs that are 1) made of high-quality materials that are sure to stand up to all that use and abuse, and 2) stylish -ranging from rustic to contemporary to traditional and other decorating tastes in between- because we know how important it is to add that extra bit of seating soul to each room of the house.


Dining Room – The dining room and kitchen are some of the busiest rooms of the house, and chairs in these spaces need to be built to last. We recommend choosing chairs made out of durable materials such as solid wood and metal. The X Back Metal Chair is a classic that has a French cafe vibe. The Manchester is more refined, and a great choice for formal settings. The solid wood and metal Mid-Century Dining Chair is durable and can be a great choice for minimalist, contemporary decor schemes.

Living Room – Following the dining room and kitchen, the living room is a critical space to have chairs that are durable, comfortable, and stylish. The Rattan Side Chair is definitely a statement piece…and comfortable to boot. The Arm Chair is durable and perfect for contemporary as well as Bohemian decor. The Round Back Chair is also made out of durable materials and has a Mid-Century Modern feel to it.

Children’s Room – Yes, even the kiddos need a place to sit. The Child-Sized Sofa with Upholstered Seat is sure to give your child’s room or living room a pop of comfort and color. The Child-Sized Chairs are made out of solid wood and an easy item to grab if you need extra seating during gatherings or for doing arts and crafts. The Small Teak Wood Chair is just plain cute, and a great, eclectic addition to multiple rooms of the house.

The Entryway and Bedroom – Benches are one of the most practical types of seating available. The Small Backless Bench is ideal for giving guests and full-time residents a place to sit and take off their shoes in the entryway. The Sari Bench adds a plush touch to the bedroom or living room. The longer bench has a traditional feel to it and can serve as a seating space in a large powder room, at the foot of one’s bed, or in the office or den.

Obviously, we didn’t cover seating for every room in the house. But that’s where your imagination and design sense comes in. There are so many things you can do with chairs, benches, and other places intended for sitting back and relaxing!

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