The Most Cool Pieces You Never Knew You Wanted

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What comes to mind when you think of ‘cool’? Perhaps it’s something modern; something with color; or something you simply have never seen before in your whole life. Well, why can’t it be all of the above? We find ourselves gawking (for far too long) at mostly every handmade furniture piece that’s shipped in from India and Indonesia. It’s a wonder we get any work done. But the elastic shapes and soulful textures of each piece is the perfect way to express our inner eccentricities. It’s also sometimes gratifying to furnish a home with pieces just for the sake of upping the cool factor. Anyways, let’s get to it and bring out the coolest (and affordable) pieces you guys need in your home pronto!

1. ABSTRACT CHAIR ($189): It’s hard not to keep staring at this 3-legged abstract chair made completely from wood. It’s like it escaped a Picasso and wound up being the most talked about piece in your living room.

Ti511_AbstractChair_189 (Nashville)

2. COPPER COFFEE TABLE ($329): The penny might be under utilized but this coffee table will bring back your inexplicable need for copper. The curved lines make this table look like it has the power to shapeshift, adding another dimension, be it a futuristic one, to any household.

CopperTable-HW7223-$329 (Chicago)

3. BIG MIRRORS ($138 each): In a world of selfie-obsessed people, mirrors are essential to life. And while frameless mirrors do the job, the rural appearance of painted wood frames is way too comforting to pass up. It just feels right.


4. DRUM TABLE ($153): What better way to show off your musical inclinations than with a tribal drum table. It’s the epitome of recycling. And it brings life to any room with its booming sound and rustic texture.

MC373 - Drum table - $153 (Baton Rouge)

5. TIERED SIDE TABLE ($205): This is one of the coolest side tables known to man. Similar to the copper table way above, the legs also waver outward making it look like the table is dancing.


6. CARVED BENCH ($143): While we wouldn’t recommend you sit on an actual alligator, this carved bench is 100% safe. It gives your home an indigenous character and takes you up and down the amazon river. It’s always great to get away.

Bench BR

7. SIDEBOARD ($1633): It’s always going to be a groovy night with this graphic sideboard near your bedside. If you continue to stare at it long enough, you might just transfer to another dimension.

Nk368 $1633 Side Board (Los Angeles) 2

8. RECYCLED SARI CHAIR ($357): It’s fun, it’s colorful, it’s comfortable, it’s limited! There’s only a few of these left throughout the states, and why not go looking for one? Anything that can make any room ten times happier is worth the expedition!

Recycled Sari Chair $357 (1)

To find out if your local Nadeau carries these pieces, or if you’re looking for more coolness, visit your nearest store location! You can find the list of locations via our official website. Hope to see you there!

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