The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood has become a popular material for home construction, interior design, art, and crafting beautiful, solid wood furniture and accessories. The term refers to salvaging wood from, for example, an old barn, a torn-down picket fence, or thrown out furniture, and repurposing it for a new use or product.

Think for a moment about how many perfectly good pine, oak, redwood, and other elegant wood varieties are simply thrown away each year.

At Nadeau, we love reclaimed wood! It’s eco-friendly – a way of recycling and reducing the amount of energy needed to produce furniture with new wood, and it has a lot of soul. Each piece has a unique patina and “imperfections” that infuse living spaces with texture, contrast, and warmth.

Here are a few examples of reclaimed, solid wood pieces we carry:

Dining Table: Item # NK026, $448; Chairs: Item # MC338/NB039, $96 – $114 EACH

This piece is a conversation starter when family and friends sit down for dinner! Notice how each piece of wood on the table and chairs retains some of the character of its original use, such as faded paint and deep grain colors.

Two-Door Buffet: Item # NE552, $320

This buffet perfectly complements the reclaimed wood dining set. Nadeau works directly with a talented group of artisans in India who craft each piece by hand.

Four-Door Buffet: Item # NE514, $604

If you’re needing a bit more storage space in the kitchen or dining room, this four door reclaimed wood buffet provides ample room and character.

Bench: Item # NB036, $366

This bench, which is ideal for an entryway or covered patio, blends colorful pops of reclaimed wood with hand-carved ornamentation.

Nadeau was founded on the idea that great furniture should be attainable by everyone. Our reclaimed wood products fit into this mission perfectly. They’re beautiful, made out of solid wood, affordable, and something different from all of the cookie-cutter furniture on the market. We believe each piece’s “imperfections” are perfect!




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