That Back to School Life

You’ve got the backpacks packed, the pencils sharpened, and the lunch boxes all lined up in a row. Congratulations! You’ve covered all your bases and your student has everything they need to enjoy a successful school year. Well…almost everything. A study space that provides comfort and enhances concentration is essential for scholastic success. Lucky for you, Nadeau carries a wide variety of bookcases, desks, tables, bookcases, and so much more. We’ve got everything you need to design the perfect area for homework, research, and reading! Allow us to get you and your student on the right track.

Chair (Sku #NB039, $114), Nine Hole Bookshelf (Sku #YD5568, $450), Arts & Crafts Desk (Sku #T096, $224), Boxwood Topiary (Sku #AB1040, $50), Lamp (Sku #HD323, $83)

Give your home some back to school spirit with just one trip to Nadeau! Choose a simple chair and a modern shelf then mix it up with a desk featuring distressed paint! These beautiful handmade pieces are authentic, irresistible, and full of soul. The whole family is sure to fall in love. This gorgeous desk, chair, and shelf compilation might turn a study room into a family room.

Rack (Sku #YD345, $167), Bookends ($32-$48 a set), Wall Clock (Sku #HD062, $68), Wall Hang Chalkboard w/ Drawers (Sku #KA524, $109), Hourglass (Sku #AB1297, $25)

We all know that proper education comes with books, books, and more books! Ramp up your reading room to keep your budding bookworm engaged. Use one of our brightly painted bookcases to stay organized in style. Don’t forget to add a fun accessory or two to give your new reading corner some levity. Bookends, clocks, and chalkboards can be both useful and amusing.

Oval Table (Sku #TI866, $143), Arm Chair (Sku #TI861, $143), Round Stool (Sku #TI916, $102), Water Hyacinth Basket (Sku #TI1050, $38 a set of three), Table Clock (Sku #AB655, $17)

Group work is a requirement in every level of education, thus, comfortable spaces are must-haves for brainstorming. With a set up like this, you’ll always be prepared for impromptu study sessions, projects, and (the sometimes necessary) decompression periods. Fair warning: when your sitting room is this chic, your home may become the designated after school “hang out house”!

Tom’s Chair (Sku #PC6240, $163), Iron Mouse Card Holder (Sku #HD270, $7 each), Desk (Sku #PC351, $403), Mahogany Bookcase (Sku #CA039, $250)

There’s nothing worse than a sore behind and notes you can’t find. Cushioned seats for those late nights and desks with multiple compartments are perfect for cram sessions that span more than just one subject. This hot mix of rustic and industrial design elements blend together to create a combination that is eye-catching and functional.

As you can see, when we say “Nadeau has got your back” we mean it. You can find these and many similar pieces at your local store. We even carry child-sized desks and chairs for the littlest of learners. Don’t know where it is? Click here to track us down. We specialize in variety so our selection is always big enough to suit any personal style. Remember, our inventory is always changing so be sure to join our email list to be notified whenever your favorite store receives a new shipment. As always, we love seeing your creations so please send photos to pr@furniturewithasoul.

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