Thanksgiving Team Spirit

It’s that time of the year again! Leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and footballs are flying everywhere. Move over holiday spirit, team spirit is in full effect. It’s football season, which means it’s time for all of your favorite things – dusting off your jerseys, eating, and watching a series of games till the sun goes down. But before the madness ensues, it’s best to get your home ready for a gathering. No need to worry about where you’re going to sit all those invited guests this season – we’ve got you covered! Retire those old uncomfortable fold-out chairs and replace them with cozy upholstered chairs and the perfect coffee table to kick your feet up on – or not (We won’t tell).

Sit back, and relax in style. Planning a big ole-friends and family-filled get together with lots of food and memories is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. A few simple tweaks here and there in each room is just enough to have a strong visual and emotional impact for your guests. When the leaves start turning those beautiful rich gold and amber hues, you might be tempted to go with a fall-inspired palette but why not put a twist on a day-old tradition and add a little football fan style to your home decor.

With the thrill of touchdowns, also comes the thrill of decorations. Since 1920, the NFL has had a traditional series of games played during the Thanksgiving holiday. Currently, three NFL games are played every year, the first two hosted regularly by the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys. The third game has no fixed opponents but don’t you worry – we’ve got you covered there too. This year’s series of games will feature the Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins, Atlanta Falcons, and New Orleans Saints.

Now that might sound risky if your team’s colors clash with your usual home decor but we have the perfect remedy for that. With tons of options, we have palettes set up for you in stunning hues that will complement each and every type of decor.

We all know how diehard fans get and it’s easy to get carried away with team colors. When your team is dressed in navy blue, Honolulu blue, dark blue, and light blue, the color selection can get overwhelming. Making a statement doesn’t always have to be bold, it can be subtle and speak for itself. The goal this season is to be cute and comfortable, with an addition of a few select accessories to create the finishing touches.

Maintain superb comfort during the game with top-notch seating and the occasional place to nap after a much-anticipated feast. Who doesn’t nap after a Thanksgiving meal? Your nap after Thanksgiving lunch cannot get any better than if you stretch yourself out on a comfortable chair with a sunny-hued blanket to toss over those chilled bones. Relax with warm colors this season, perfect for year-round. All eyes will be on the television, but it doesn’t mean you can’t watch in style. Whether it’s a simple bowl to place your snacks in or a pillow to cozy up to while you binge watch TV, Nadeau has it all. Find these pieces and SO MUCH MORE by visiting your local Nadeau. CLICK HERE to find your nearest location. Don’t forget to sign-up for the newsletter to receive alerts whenever a new shipment of pieces (big and small) arrives.

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