TBT: Almost 3 Years of Nadeau Raleigh

It is certainly amazing how time just seems to fly! Almost three years ago we celebrated the addition of Nadeau Raleigh to the ‘Furniture with a Soul’ family. The second of two North Carolina locations, we’ve seen impeccable growth and a strong customer base develop in this southern city.

IMG_0166.JPGLocated near downtown, a few miles west of Capitol Blvd., Nadeau Raleigh is nestled in a commerce center in a popular shopping area. Twice a month (if not more) new shipments of furniture with imports from India and Indonesia arrive at our doors, boasting the best and most unique furnishing you’ll find. Our styles range from rustic to industrial (and everything in between), but still everything is handmade and affordable. Honestly, it’s rare you’ll see the exact same item twice!

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Not only is the Nadeau Raleigh store a present day shopping destination, these four walls hold quite a bit of history. In the midst of observing Black History Month, we dug through the Nadeau archives and found out an interesting fact. One week after the famous Greensboro Woolworth sit-in spearheaded by black activists and student leaders, other peaceful sit-ins were held in cities all over North Carolina–including Raleigh, right where the Nadeau store sits today!

raleigh sit-in
A local sit-in in Raleigh in 1960. (via newraleigh.com)

We’re excited to be a part of history, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us down in Raleigh. Whether you’re based in the area or elsewhere, find your local Nadeau store and check us out today!


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