Taking The Coast By Storm!

On the Isle of Palms in Charleston, South Carolina you will find 35 Twin Oaks, a breathtaking beach cottage designed by Mandy Walker Interiors. It’s a tranquil resort rental inspired by the coast that surronds it. As you walk from room to room, different elements of the seaside reveals itself in the placement and choice of furniture and accent pieces. Also, we couldn’t help but notice all the beautiful Nadeau pieces featured in the cottage. Take a look and get the look for yourself!

Charleston GTL 1

Charleston GTL 2

Even though 35 Twin Oaks is only a few feet away from the coast, the interior design never lets go of the location. The cottage gives you the ability to express your beach junkie side all day every day.

Charleston GTL 3

Mandy Walker was recently featured in Charleston Home + Design Magazine’s “Winter 2016 Best Of” issue for her work on a kitchen featuring a custom-built island with a built-in dog crate.

Feeling inspired by Mandy’s work on 35 Twin Oaks? Visit your local Nadeau store and make sure to sign-up on their mailing list to recieve instant notice on new shipments! See more pictures in the video below!

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