Happy Columbus Day!

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue! Today marks the day Christopher Columbus, the explorer, landed in the Americas. Even though recent archaeological discoveries have now proven Columbus may not have discovered the Americas, he paved the way for many future explorers. Today, Columbus Day is celebrated in many countries around the world under different names. For the history of Columbus’ great voyage click here for a quick and enlightening video! Ready to set sail? Become an explorer in your own home by discovering these nautical pieces:  ...

Is the Sea Calling Your Name? Go Nautical!

Wanting to give your home a nautical look for the rest of the Summer? These quick tips will help you transform your home into a sea oasis. Tip 1:  Add a few seafaring items and furniture to get the job done. Always remember less is more! Tip 2: When going nautical, look for items with a distressed appearance and twists worked into their design. These items will look like you grabbed the piece from the bottom of the ocean off a sunken ship! Tip 3: Decorate with small items that will make a splash and can be moved easily. These items will make your transition between seasons quick and easy....

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