Holiday Entertaining With Soul

The holiday season is upon us, which means…you guessed it…time to start sprucing up your interior decor to welcome family and friends into your home. Make sure to cover the entertaining basics such as having a great dining room set for dinner and conversation, as well as plenty of space to present all of the delicious food and drink you’re going to slave over. Also, don’t be afraid to show guests your true personality and/or sense of humor. A home that’s “too perfect” can be cold and unwelcoming. Infusing your abode with quirky, not-so-perfect items you adore can help guests feel at ease and get to know the real you. Nadeau loves the holiday season and has you covered from...

Halloween With A Soul

Halloween is a fun time of year for every member of the family. Leave the costumes and candy to the kids, you get to go crazy with your holiday-themed decor! It’s never too late (or too early) to start your Halloween home makeover. There are a variety of ways in which you can design a room to embody the holiday spirit. Experimenting with unusual color themes, gourds, and accessories can give your home a whole new look. Even if Halloween guests never enter your home, designing a spooktastic makeover is a reward all its own! You can count on us to provide you with a little inspiration to help you transform any room...

It’s Black & It’s White

Face it, you like to take things to extremes. You’re hot then you’re cold; You’re yes then you’re no; You’re in then you’re out; You’re up then you’re down; You’re wrong when it’s right; It’s black and it’s white…(not funny? alright, I’ll stop). It’s perfectly natural to be your utmost self as long as it’s applied to your decor style. Lucky for you we’ve compiled a unique selection of black and white pieces as an effective way to evoke a sense of immediacy and power throughout your space. Go ahead and find some monochromatic inspiration below! Visit Nadeau for a much larger selection of black and white pieces! Don’t forget to sign-up for our email newsletter to receive alerts about new shipments...

Industrial Home Decor and How Far You Can Take It

You already know that a single industrial piece can make a statement by itself. That immediacy and daring texture has the power to take over a room in a second. That’s why it’s possible to be a little apprehensive about adding additional metal-laced pieces in the same room. However, there’s definitely a way to have a space comprised of two or more industrial pieces without going overboard. Take a look at some of the rooms below where you can bring out those edgy vibes in the most unique and fantastic way! Don’t be afraid of adding more than one industrial piece to your home. Be bold and take the risk. Find your local Nadeau at