Media Stands – The Perfect Partner For Fall TV

The clouds are hanging low, storms are rolling in, and sweater weather is in full effect. Welcome to the new season! Autumnal trends are all about hibernating and creating a happy home, so now is the time to start prepping the very best kind of fall makeover… a home decor upgrade! Think of it as the Fashion Week of Home Furnishing. TV is the focal point of any living room decor and how you place the TV can either make-it- or- break-it. Make this seasonal transition quick and easy with five ways to bring hints of fall into your home with media stands – the perfect partner for fall TV....

Industrial Home Decor and How Far You Can Take It

You already know that a single industrial piece can make a statement by itself. That immediacy and daring texture has the power to take over a room in a second. That’s why it’s possible to be a little apprehensive about adding additional metal-laced pieces in the same room. However, there’s definitely a way to have a space comprised of two or more industrial pieces without going overboard. Take a look at some of the rooms below where you can bring out those edgy vibes in the most unique and fantastic way! Don’t be afraid of adding more than one industrial piece to your home. Be bold and take the risk. Find your local Nadeau at

Nadeau Souls: Manayunk Brewing Company

These days, the space a commercial business calls home is just as important as their product. Their storefront or restaurant is a reflection of how that business wants to be perceived. That’s why brands are putting more effort to make their customer experience unique and memorable. If the location and building are the canvas of a customer experience, then the skin and hair would be the paint and brush. When smartly matched, beautiful things are cultivated. Take a look at Manayunk Brewery, a brewery located in Philadelphia, PA. From their tasty beer to their hand-crafted furnishings, this brewery is known for cultivating a soulful customer experience! Manayunk Brewery tapped its first beer in 1996, and have...

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Industrial Designer Trends

Furniture styles are always changing and evolving but one trend that has been around forever, and is definitely here to stay, is the industrial look. Interior designers and home magazines are continuously featuring metal and wood industrial furniture items because they are versatile and can be incorporated into many different designs. Adding an industrial piece or two to a home can be pricey, but we have a huge collection of metal and wood industrial furniture items available at crazy low wholesale prices. Take a look below at just some of our industrial furniture items we have to offer:...