Nadeau’s Best of 2016


2016 as we all know, was a year filled with many downs and few ups, but our stores at Nadeau recorded one of the best years in company history! Not only that, but we are building steam as we begin to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year (stay tuned for more to come). Looking back at 2016, we had a lot of fun on our Furniture With a Soul blog. Whether it was the essentials you needed to bring when furniture shopping, or how to tell if its time to buy a new couch, our blog was packed with helpful tips and information on how to better your style and creative...

What Media Console Goes With What TV Show?


Ever wonder what would happen if you were to transform your entertainment room into your favorite TV show? Or which media console fits best with your TV preferences? Well, in celebration of the fall TV season, we matched a few of our media consoles and accessories with some of our favorite TV shows–making it the optimal way to binge watch (or regular watch, if that’s even a thing anymore) all new and returning shows! MODERN FAMILY While each family in the show has their own unique style, we drew our inspiration from the Dunphy’s. By painting the walls blue and hanging up some colorful wall art, we brought the quirky family’s lively energy and togetherness...

Color Can Bring You Happier Vibes!


It’s no secret our furniture has a soul. But did you know it can also make you happier? The inclusion of color when picking out furniture is an important aspect for creating optimal interaction with popular spaces; even spaces you don’t use because of the lack of color. That’s why every now and then a unique shipment is dedicated to bringing over painted pieces from India and Indonesia. You spend a lot of time in your home and it’s crucial that every room makes you feel the exact way you want. Red is one of the most powerful colors you could add to your home! It oozes vivacity and joyful ambiance, creating alertness and even hunger. Yes, having a red painted piece...

More Than Colors: The Meaning Behind The Colors of Holi

holi featured

   In an instant, what was once a quiet street lined with houses and small shops, is filled with life, colors, and a collective whimsical spirit. Holi is one of India’s most well-known holidays and is widely celebrated in places all around the world. This aesthetically beautiful tradition is important both culturally and spiritually as it pays homage to religious legends and brings societies together.  As you might have already guessed, the colors of Holi were not only chosen for their beauty and vibrancy, but for their significance as well. The most common colors one might see at Holi are shades of red, blue, green, and yellow. Each color symbolizes a message or virtue that one hopes to...