A Week by Week Guide to Help You Move Out!

Peak moving season spans from now until September, so some of you may be a bit…frazzled. If you’re waist high in packing boxes and ready to tear your hair out, then we insist that you PUT THE PACKING TAPE DOWN, step back, and take a breather. Once you’ve come back to earth, sneak a peek at our week-by-week move in guide. The amount of planning that goes into a big move can be incredibly daunting but if you’ve got a friend (or a neighborhood furniture store) to help with the hard part, it’s much easier to lighten your load. Our detailed plan has helped many movers get through this stressful...

Industrial Home Decor and How Far You Can Take It

You already know that a single industrial piece can make a statement by itself. That immediacy and daring texture has the power to take over a room in a second. That’s why it’s possible to be a little apprehensive about adding additional metal-laced pieces in the same room. However, there’s definitely a way to have a space comprised of two or more industrial pieces without going overboard. Take a look at some of the rooms below where you can bring out those edgy vibes in the most unique and fantastic way! Don’t be afraid of adding more than one industrial piece to your home. Be bold and take the risk. Find your local Nadeau at

That Back to School Life

You’ve got the backpacks packed, the pencils sharpened, and the lunch boxes all lined up in a row. Congratulations! You’ve covered all your bases and your student has everything they need to enjoy a successful school year. Well…almost everything. A study space that provides comfort and enhances concentration is essential for scholastic success. Lucky for you, Nadeau carries a wide variety of bookcases, desks, tables, bookcases, and so much more. We’ve got everything you need to design the perfect area for homework, research, and reading! Allow us to get you and your student on the right track. Give your home some back to school spirit with just one trip to Nadeau! Choose...

Up Your Game & Stay Minimalistic!

It’s ideal to decorate a space that will immediately hit you with a dose of relaxation upon entering. If you can’t walk into a room and suddenly have that inexplicable urge to take a deep breath, then it’s either way too cluttered or there aren’t enough interesting pieces or accents. It’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that minimalism can be taken too far. Face it, there is such a thing as figuratively dying of boredom. However, there are things you could do to heighten the ‘bare’ of a mess and make it ten times more comfortable. Nadeau will always have a piece or two to match the aesthetic of your space. Stop by your local Nadeau and...