What Media Console Goes With What TV Show?


Ever wonder what would happen if you were to transform your entertainment room into your favorite TV show? Or which media console fits best with your TV preferences? Well, in celebration of the fall TV season, we matched a few of our media consoles and accessories with some of our favorite TV shows–making it the optimal way to binge watch (or regular watch, if that’s even a thing anymore) all new and returning shows! MODERN FAMILY While each family in the show has their own unique style, we drew our inspiration from the Dunphy’s. By painting the walls blue and hanging up some colorful wall art, we brought the quirky family’s lively energy and togetherness...

Nadeau Treasure Hunt: Can You Spot the Buddha​?

I Spy coversasdasd

Being lost, in most situations is a frightening experience. However, at Nadeau, we encourage our customers to get lost in our stores! If you have been inside one of our locations then you know that it can be a lot to take in at first. Our pieces are stacked high and wide which only allows for little passages to navigate through. But throughout your journey, you begin to lose yourself in your furniture surroundings. This is when you will find the pieces that stand out to you the most! Take some time now and search through our Los Angeles store. There is a Buddha head in each photo strategically placed...

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New Soul In Sherman Oaks!

It’s been months since we set our sights on launching our second Nadeau store in Southern California (our first is in Hancock Park). But now we can proclaim that Nadeau Sherman Oaks has finally opened! The crisp new space features everything you’d expect from Nadeau–a broad selection of affordable unique pieces including industrial chic, farmhouse, modern, and contemporary are ready to be handpicked and taken home by you! Located near Urban Outfitters on Ventura Blvd, Nadeau Sherman Oaks is a welcome addition to the Nadeau family. It’s a convenient way for locals in North Hollywood, Studio City, Van Nuys, and The Valley to get in touch with our beautiful array of eclectic pieces without having to travel over the canyon....


Nadeau Furniture with a Soul at Tysons Corner

We are beyond excited to announce the opening of our new Pop-Up shop in Tysons Corner Center, making it a cool addition to our 25 stores around the U.S., including our stores in Georgetown and Alexandria. What better way to celebrate this special occasion than by featuring a variety of items ranging from dining tables to chairs, bookshelves, and more? You name it, we’ve got it! We pride ourselves on having exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces at incredibly affordable prices so come make your heart and your wallet happy by visiting us at Tysons Corner Center for a treasure hunt! We are open Monday through Saturday between 10am and 9:30pm and our...

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