Style Highlight – The Art Of The Accent Piece

Nadeau has pieces for every home from the shared college dorm to the 8-bedroom manor. Any chair, desk, or bookcase can be successfully incorporated into any design scheme. However, even we can admit that some integrations are significantly more challenging than others. One design technique that transcends both style preference and design trends is the accent piece. Distinguished by color, texture, and the all-important “wow factor”, these items can take on many forms. They may be large or small, traditional or modern, dynamic or lack all functionality. The common thread in all accent pieces is that they draw the eye, complement a room, and add some excitement to the decor. What could be more boring than a space blanketed with furniture that all looks the same? Luckily, you’ll never have to find out…as long as you read our blog, of course.

Accent Table

Coffee tables, side tables, and consoles with strong attributes are a great source for attention-grabbing accent pieces. The possibilities are endless as they may feature any material, texture, and design that works with your current decor scheme. Whether in the center of the room or off to the side, as long your table is standing out while fitting in, you’ve found the perfect piece.

Accent Chair

When searching for a chair with a little bit of life be on the lookout for defining characteristics. The shape of the chair is a great place to start your selection.  If an arresting silhouette isn’t moving you, then expand your parameters to include bold colors or an unexpected seating option.

Accent Accessory

The best thing about accessories is that they get in where they fit in. A ladder in the living room, a horse head on the mantle, or a chalkboard in the bathroom…it all works! The accent accessory that belongs in your home is the one that stops you in your tracks as soon as you see it.

Now that you have seen accent pieces in real spaces you’re ready to make some waves of your own. Here are a few final tips to get you started on the right foot:

  1. 1. Go easy on the accents. A little flair goes a long way.
  2. 2. Go with your gut. It’s your house so design it how you like and ignore the naysayers.
  3. 3. Go explore. The perfect find rarely happens on the first shopping trip.

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