Storage Pieces For The Bathroom

When asked to name the most important room in a home many people will say the bedroom, the living room, or even the kitchen. But who could forget the room that holds the porcelain throne, the site of your daily ablutions, the “can”, the “loo”, the “water closet”!?!? Are you with us yet? We’re talking about your bathroom. The average American spends almost two hours a week in the restroom. Two hours of staring at untapped potential is two hours too long. If you have been guilty of neglecting this vital area of your home decor, we are here to help you change your ways. Nadeau can provide plenty of amazing pieces to help you store your bathroom necessities with a bit of soulful flair.



If you’re feeling a little hesitant about taking the big plunge then go traditional. A simple cabinet to store your beauty products paired with a ladder towel holder can give your room a little personality without straying from the beaten path.


If you are feeling bold then take your creativity to new heights by incorporating industrial style items into your powder room. The metal features of this type of furniture generate a stark contrast to softer bathroom paint colors.


If you’ve already designed a bathroom that you’re proud of and are just looking to add the finishing touches, themed adornments can drastically change the vibe of your design scheme. Feel free to let loose and experiment a little. 


Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the possibilities are you ready to refresh your own bathroom decor? We have multiple stores nationwide, all receiving new shipments on a regular basis. Click here to find your nearest Nadeau location and explore our huge selection of items. Our inventory turns over quickly so be sure to sign up for our email list to be the first to know when we receive new pieces. As always, feel free to send your own masterful creations to We love seeing what you budding interior designers do with our furniture!

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