Spring “Cleaning” Your Home!

The birds are chirping, flowers are in bloom, and spring is well underway. Many are picking out their favorite painted accent pieces, stocking up on outdoor decor, and gearing up for seasonal home improvement projects. But before you can bring in the new, you have to take out old. You know what we’re talking about. It’s spring cleaning time! Cleaning is the worst, we know! But the sooner you do it, the faster it’s done. If the idea of a full-scale carpet-to-ceiling cleaning is putting you off, then a few of our low maintenance spring cleaning tips are just what you need to help make some room. With these home decor cheat codes, you will be able to ignore the dusty sills and grimy baseboards for a little while longer.

A surefire method to kick off a spring cleaning binge is to rearrange a room. You can give the illusion of a brand new well-organized space by simply repositioning the furniture that you already have. You’ll find that as you’re moving things around you won’t be able to resist sweeping up a dust bunny or two that peek out.

Add some wall art, table figurines, or decorative pillows to give your decor a shot of adrenaline. Accessories may be small in size but they can make a big impact when used to create a unifying theme that stops your guests in their tracks. With all eyes on your pretty little upgrades, your company won’t notice the cobwebs you missed in the corner.

The rarely considered alternative to adding accessories to your home is removing them. Sometimes we make the mistake of adding too many decorative frills resulting in a design space that is crowded and clunky. Rely on the beauty of a solid soulful piece to speak volumes about your personal style.

If the above suggestions are a little too mild for you then, by all means, pick a room and start planning your top to bottom makeover. But before you toss the baby out with the bathwater, take careful inventory and see what is and isn’t worth keeping. Something as simple as switching out your seating set can be enough to satisfy your furniture fix while simultaneously helping to rid you of outdated pieces.

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