If you’ve ever taken a road trip across America, the differences between cities are astonishing, especially when it comes to the architecture, people, food, and so on (the list is endless). But there’s one thing we rarely take a closer look at while visiting each city, the home decor. On our first ever SOULSEARCHING blog post, we’re putting the focus on Texas, specifically the Northern area. Yes, we have an idea of what a Texas space might look like from all those movies and TV shows (cue the theme to Dallas). But we really don’t know how deep the decorating roots are in spaces home to the Cowboys. So, we asked the store manager of our Nadeau locations in Dallas and Ft Worth, Nicolle Nelson, about what makes the homes in North Texas totally different from anything you’ll find outside the Metroplex (the largest inland metropolitan area in the United States).

Where does the inspiration come from?

CACTUS PRINT /// $98 /// AB1438

The cool Gotham green of Dallas’s Bank of America Plaza inspires my design style. The vivid, emerald green from a couple of contemporary cactus prints, or the green palms that fill my garden room are both soothing design elements that I love. It is usually hot as Hades outside so anything to keep the vibe cool and comfortable inside is both appealing and soothing.

Old horseshoes, worn leather, antique farm tools, and a perfectly imperfect ball of tumbleweed are just a few examples of ways to channel Ft Worth’s roots into my home. Small nostalgic moments hidden around the house can add a whole lot of character.

What pieces are most popular?

Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes our TV! TV stands and gorgeous buffets that don’t look like traditional media stands are best sellers at Nadeau Dallas.

ROLLING MEDIA STAND /// $520 /// VA621

As for Ft Worth, dining tables overall seem to do really well. Folks sometimes add a bench on one side and change up the chairs for different looks. Metal for an industrial vibe; rustic wooden chairs for a farmhouse feel; an upholstered chair for a more refined look. A classic dining table is like your favorite pair of jeans. You can dress it up or down and it fits right in.

SAUR BENCH /// $240 /// YD5525
GLASS HUTCH /// $964 /// YD1296

What’s a not-so-obvious place that must be visited in both cities?

Dallas is known for our outstanding restaurants and nightlife. We recommend anywhere with a wonderful frozen margarita and patio. Mutts Cantina in Dallas is a favorite among our Nadeau Dallas dogs. Momma stays cool on the inside sipping a margarita while the furry babies play, win-win.

Montgomery Street Antique Mall is fun to browse for little articles of Ft Worth’s history. And it’s right next to the Amon Carter Museum, which is a gem among all of the fabulous museums in the cultural district. For outdoor fun, visit Panther Island, the only waterfront stage in Texas, to watch a concert or movie while floating on a tube in the river.

Photo by Steven Watson

Describe the vibe of each city in 5 words or less.

Dallas: “Ready and rarin’ to go.” Ft Worth: “And we clean up well.

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