Small Home Decorating Tips

Our home is our castle–even if it’s a teeny tiny castle. Many of us do not have the amount of space we would like when it comes to our home, but this doesn’t mean we have to give up style. There are many ways to decorate an apartment or house with less-than-desired square footage.

Tip 1: Designer Thomas Jayne says, “Take the focus off the architecture and beam it on an astonishing object — it can be anything from a specimen plant to a Da Vinci cartoon to a nude portrait.”

Tip 2: Add decorations to the wall to draw viewer’s eyes from the small space. Incorporate mirrors into this plan to help reflect the other walls of the room. This will give the room the illusion of being bigger.


Tip 3: Pick seating that can be easily stored to help open up space. Folding chairs and stackable bar stools are great options.










Tip 4: Use seating that is multipurpose. The more you can utilize your furniture the better and the more space you’ll have free! This runged chair is great for a vanity; you could easily string scarves or belts through the openings.


Tip 5: In small bathrooms or entry ways, use large patterns to make the space feel more open, says designer Kim Alexandriuk. “Do something overscale and daring. In a small powder room, I used a large-scale David Hicks wallpaper with Chinese urns all over it. Paradoxically, it helped the room feel bigger. But it can’t be a small, busy pattern. It has to be an open, graphic pattern that breathes, with space between the repeats.”

Tip 6: In limited space throughout your home, use taller but narrow furniture with lots of storage to help keep the space organized.



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