Show Your Unique Soul Outside!

A home is more than just four walls and a roof. It’s the yard where you host barbecues, the porch where you enjoy your morning coffee and the front walkway that the neighbor cat has inexplicably claimed as its own. Nadeau is all about providing furniture options that allow you to enjoy every aspect of your home to the fullest. When you’re ready to step outside and savor a little sunshine, we’ve got you covered with an assortment of benches and chairs to satisfy a wide range of decor styles.


Explore our varied selection of rustic style benches featuring carved details and natural wood finishes. The neutral colors on these pieces allow them to blend seamlessly with an almost endless array of outdoor design themes. Any of these items would be an excellent addition to your veranda. Imagine kicking your feet up for a midday nap as the warm breeze lulls you into an extreme state of relaxation. Ahhhh, so nice.


If your porch or garden is lacking in botanical color, add a splash of your own! Our painted chairs and benches are perfect for revitalizing a lackluster outdoor theme. Be warned though, you’ll find that these bright bursts of red, blue, and yellow will draw guests to your home like bees to honey.


Mother Nature knows what she’s doing and sometimes we have to step back and appreciate what she created. By allowing our wood chairs to retain most of their original design and characteristics, you get to experience the earthy and untamed aura they already give off. Get ready to feel their soulfulness radiating through you each time you take a seat.


Finally, we have to acknowledge that you aren’t the only ones who may want to catch some sun in style. We also offer child-sized outdoor seating options. These benches and chairs are durable, brightly colored, and just the right size for anyone in the ‘Kid’s Club.’ Trust us, after an especially exuberant play date they are going to need a place to rest and regain some of that youthful energy!

There you have it, Nadeau has got you covered inside and out! This was just a peek at some of the amazing items we have to kick your exterior home design up a notch. We receive new shipments full of exciting and unique pieces quite regularly so you’ll always find our inventory refreshingly chic. Take a trip to Nadeau ASAP to find an incredible addition to your home decor. See you soon!

NOTE: Teak furniture may be used outdoors, but will naturally change color over time. Painted and our other furniture is for indoor use only, but great for a covered patio or porch or just for temporary use outdoors.

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