Seasonal Decor: Past, Present, & Future!

Thanksgiving is over which means it’s time to ring in the holidays! We can’t help but be excited as we see our pieces accented by bold bright reds, lively green wreaths, and twinkling lights. You’re sure to be inspired by some of our holiday favorites.  Read on if you want to skip the boughs of holly. Get ready to see some homes decked out with soul!


Designs of Holidays Past

Some say the past is the past and that you should never look back. Bah humbug! We can guarantee that those people have never seen these masterpieces of seasonal decor from 2017. Each design holds tips for the present and precious inspiration for the future!


Designs of Holidays Present

New holiday home projects are popping up every day. Check out a few snapshots from those who were filled with the joyous spirit of the season! You’ll find that they are building the perfect design piece by piece so we won’t show their finished product until it is 100% ready. Be sure to check their handles for the completed look!


Designs of Holidays Yet To Come

A seasonal decor overhaul can be a big job but there’s nothing to fear if you plan ahead. Small accessories like a reindeer, five golden (napkin) rings, a pair of turtledoves, or a lantern to light the way make excellent gifts for those who have yet to start their designs and grand additions to next year’s holiday decor.

Hopefully, our blog has given you the final push you needed to upgrade your seasonal decor. Click here to find your nearest store and grab the missing piece to your holiday puzzle. Our inventory turns over quickly so check back frequently to see what you may have missed. That wraps up our holiday favorites for this year. Want to be featured in a blog or social media? Be sure to tag @nadeaufurniture in all of your holiday designs, past present, and future.

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