Refresh Your Home For Summer!

Do you like to refresh your home with each new season? Do you enjoy adding spring or summer vibes to your kitchen or dining room? With sunnier days ahead, you’re probably thinking about how to switch up your living space. Let us help you infuse some soulful, summer flair into your home with pieces from Nadeau!

Fringe & Pom Poms Pillow (Item #HD849 // $42)
Lucy Apron (Item #UM038 // $19)

The simplest way to rejuvenate your home for summertime is by permeating each room with bright, warm-colored decorative pieces. Decor is not the focal point, so you’re simply updating the accents. No need to redesign the rooms with entirely new furniture (unless that is your goal!) Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new place and/or finally need the perfect patio furniture.

Candle Holder (Item #AB1253 // $10)

Dining Room/Kitchen: These spaces are probably the easiest to update with summer flair. For example, look for new place mats, table cloths, or dish towels that offer warm hues and fun patterns.

Living Room/Family Room: The best way to infuse summer into these rooms is through new blankets and pillows.

Bamboo is always perfect for achieving the summer vibe. This particular wood always gives off a warmer, more tropical feel. Why not add a bamboo light to the breakfast nook or a bamboo chair to your patio? Note that rattan chairs give off that same tropical vibe as well.

Bamboo Shade Pendant Lamp (Item #HD874 // $244)

If you love the nautical look, then you’re in luck because it’s perfect for achieving that summery feel.

Wall Décor (Item #HD878 // $14)

Other decor that’s sure to make your home summer-ready: cacti, pineapples, and basically any real or faux plants/fruits/etc. goes a long way towards creating summer vibes. Adding bright vases with flowers (real or faux) helps warm up any room too.

Cactus Décor (Item #AB1304 // $14)

These fun, vibrant pieces are just what you need to start refreshing the look of your home for the summer. If a new idea or source of inspiration springs to mind, then come visit us! Our team has been in the decor business for years, and we’d be happy to steer you in the right direction. Find your nearest Nadeau location by clicking here and remember to join our email list to stay updated about new shipments.

As always, send pictures of Nadeau product in your home to We love seeing what the new season brings!

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