Non-Dorm Decorating: Your First Apartment!

Graduation has come and gone. It is time to get rid of those milk crates and white boards and invest in some real, adult furniture and decor.

List of Outs: Torchiere Lamps, Inflatable Furniture, Mini Fridge, Milk Crates, White Board, Plastic Storage, Unframed Posters, and Papasan Chairs

In some cases, like a home office or game room, a few of these things can be incorporated tastefully but most of the time they tend to look exactly like what they are–right out of a college dorm.

List of Ins: Proper Curtains, Decent Lighting, Real Rugs (No shag!), Matching Sleeping Set, Decorative Pillows, Framed Posters/Keepsakes, and Real Wood Furniture

Now that commencement is a thing of the past, pick out designs and colors that inspire you. Use those shades as a starting point for your design. Grab decor that goes with the look and theme you want in your own home. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything you love! Look through your keepsakes and display the ones that remind you of happy moments in your life. If they don’t do this, it is probably time to get rid of them.

It is your first real place, so make it your own!

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