New Year, New You!

The new year is almost here and it’s time to get your house in order. Of course, you could make the same resolutions you make every year, like eating healthier, working out more, and spending less money. However, why not try making the resolution you seem to always put off. That’s right, we are talking about really getting your home organized. Set your goal for a clutter free house. We know this most definitely sound a bit daunting and unrealistic and is always an easy one to push to the side for later. But, with a few helpful hacks and pieces of furniture from Nadeau, it will be a piece of cake! Once you’ve finished cleaning, clearing, and organizing, we are sure you’ll feel like a brand new person with a brand new home this 2018.

Take a minimalist approach to your foyer by limiting your decor to a simple console or bench with only a few accessories.  Using a console as a drop point for daily must-haves like keys, wallets, mail, etc., prevent your belongings from getting lost or overlooked. Because the console is lacking in top side accessories any items that pile up will catch your attention and demand to be cleaned up quickly. If you are more clutter-prone, then choose a console with drawers to allow you to organize the clutter.

Out of all of the areas in your home, the family room presents the biggest challenge. This space gets the most foot traffic and as a result, this is where chaos most often reigns supreme. Never fear, the best defense is a good offense. Combat disorganization by carefully designing this room to include pieces with easy storage compartments.

If the family room is the most challenging to keep clutter free then the media room is the easiest. Use a combination of TV consoles, open face cabinets, and sideboards to create your own entertainment center. Proudly display your flat screen TVs, video games, DVD collection, and more. With everything you need all in one place, these items are less likely to end up carelessly strewn about.

A room that is often overlooked when cleaning out your homegrown litter is the bathroom.  If we wagered that there were a few empty bottles and dusty accessories hiding in your cabinets would you take the bet? We suggest converting a windowed buffet into a bathroom vanity and adding drawer inserts whenever possible.  The windows will you keep you honest about what you’re hanging onto and the inserts will keep your small items neat and organized.

As you can see, Nadeau has got the hook up on all the best home care hacks. If you’d like some help making any of our suggestions work for you, feel free to visit your local store. Don’t know where it is? Click here to track us down. We specialize in variety so our selection is always big enough to suit any personal style. Remember, our inventory is always changing so be sure to join our email list to be notified whenever your favorite store receives a new shipment. As always, we love seeing your creations so please send photos to pr@furniturewithasoul.

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