Nadeau Souls: Manayunk Brewing Company

These days, the space a commercial business calls home is just as important as their product. Their storefront or restaurant is a reflection of how that business wants to be perceived. That’s why brands are putting more effort to make their customer experience unique and memorable.

Manayunk Brewery Interior

If the location and building are the canvas of a customer experience, then the skin and hair would be the paint and brushWhen smartly matched, beautiful things are cultivated. Take a look at Manayunk Brewery, a brewery located in Philadelphia, PA. From their tasty beer to their hand-crafted furnishings, this brewery is known for cultivating a soulful customer experience!

Manayunk Brewery tapped its first beer in 1996, and have brewed more than 600 delicious beers since. They have also expanded their restaurant by installing a stone pizza oven and sushi bar, as well as a chic banquet space for weddings and meetings.

Manayunk Beer

At Nadeau, we have a wide variety of pieces that can elevate any space. From industrial to mid-century, our unique selection is made even better with our economical price tags. That’s why small and large business turn to us, because they know they get the same quality as ‘large’ retailers at a fraction of the cost. Our Nadeau Philadelphia location has had a great relationship with Manayunk over the years and we are always ready to help instill more industrial charm whenever needed.

Nadeau Storage Piece

Our industrial and rustic pieces are some of our most popular. In the image above, you’ll see a Nadeau industrial storage piece put to good use as a way to showcase the brewery’s very tasty beverages. This piece pairs perfectly with the brewery because it brings out the old factory space they encompass. In fact, industrial designs are inspired by the architecture of factories during the Industrial era.

VzsFo (1).jpeg
Manayunk Outdoor Seating

From a consumer’s perspective, we can tell when a brand is trying too hard to be something they are most definitely not. Manayunk is one of those businesses that embrace their surroundings. And we are incredibly honored to be a element in their experience.

Remember, finding the right piece doesn’t necessarily require for you to spend a great deal of money. All you need is a good eye and a unique selection to explore. Want to see more companies make their space unique with Nadeau? Check out our blog post on Woof Gang Bakery!


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