Come Celebrate Nadeau Nashville!

Nadeau - Furniture with a Soul - Nashville

To show our appreciation for the Music City that has embraced us so warmly for six years, we have planned an anniversary celebration that pays homage to all that makes Nashville a distinct place to share art. Join us at Nadeau – Furniture with a Soul on Friday, July 31st from 5-7pm in our store at 657 Thompson Lane in Nashville. RSVP right here, we would love to have you.

Nadeau - Furniture with a Soul - Nashville

Drinks will be provided by our favorite microbrewery Yazoo, whose humble roots and Southern flavor is emblematic of what makes Nashville’s culinary scene so rich. It was launched by Linus Hall, who began experimenting with brewing while a college student as a mere hobby kicked off by a kit ordered from a Rolling Stone advertisement. Five years ago Yazoo officially outgrew their original location and opened a new brewhouse in Gulch where their growth has been unimpeded as their craft beers have become increasingly sought after across the South.

Come enjoy these distinctive refreshments while appreciating the work of local artist Mark Cowden, whose paintings reflect the soul of Nashville and will be on display alongside our handpicked solid wood furnishings from around the globe. Mark works primarily with oils although he has increasingly captured attention with his use of innovative mixed media techniques. His participation in fine arts festivals and collaborations with other artists across the Southeast have ensured his commitment to seeking new ways of expressing his unique perspective.

Nadeau - Furniture with a Soul - Nashville

As we excitedly prepare for this event, we can hardly believe that already six years have already passed since Nadeau opened what has grown to become our largest store, here in Nashville. We are very proud of this community for creating an environment where creativity and appreciation for design has thrived. Our local store manager Bethany Vincent explains: “Nashville has long been known as a hub for music, but it’s also increasingly recognized as a center for all kinds of creative arts. We’re really proud to be a part of that.”

We look forward to hosting our friends and neighbors for a brilliant evening, and to many more years of adding our flair to Nashville’s design scene. RSVP here and we will be waiting for you!

WHAT: Nadeau Nashville turns 6!
WHEN: Friday July 31st, 5-7 pm
WHERE: Nadeau – Furniture with a Soul at 647 Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN 37204

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