Movin’ On Up: Austin Edition

Coming soon: Our new Austin space! (Now under construction.)

Things we like about Austin:

  • The downtown trendy vibe.
  • The live music. (That’s kind of a given, right?)
  • The laid-back people.
  • The food.
  • The weirdness.

Things we don’t like about Austin:

  • Cramming all of our furniture into a tiny space!

So we’re moving around the corner to a much larger place at 624 N. Lamar (formerly the Emerald’s space, next to Counter Cafe). With almost double the space, we’ll be able to stock more furniture, but still display it in a way that it’s easily viewable. We hope you’ll come visit us–we have ample parking and lots of new items to show you! Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our email list for more info on our new grand opening–we should have construction finished and be moved in by mid-September.

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