More Than The Sum Of Its Parts…

The necessary ingredients of a well-designed home are quality furniture, patience, and a strong sense of creativity! At Nadeau, we believe that it is the unexpected that makes the ordinary extraordinary and it is our mission to discover as many unique handmade pieces as we can. We travel all the way to India, Indonesia, and Vietnam to find items to help you keep your decor interesting. The biggest surprise, however, is how you take these soul-filled pieces and make them your own.  Check out a few of the most inventive/innovative client submissions from 2017!

Starting things off strong is R. Powell with his converted coffee table. The surface of this table began life as two standalone wall decor pieces but, with a little elbow grease and ingenuity, reached its true potential as a showstopper at the center of the room.

Not be outdone, Julie S. modified this glass door cabinet into a shadow box by removing the shelves and mounting it on the wall above a memory table.  By filling them with her daughter’s ballet shoes that she has outgrown over the years, she created a captivating tribute to her daughter’s growth as a ballerina.

Our final jaw-dropper is best enjoyed once the sun has gone down. Husband and wife team, Rich and Julie, have retrofitted one of our iron round coffee tables with lighting to create a patio atmosphere that is truly enchanting.

That wraps up some our faves from 2017 but we know inspiration is a bottomless well! Send your creations to to have your pieces featured in upcoming blogs. Be sure to visit your local Nadeau store to discover more items that you can make your own. We receive new shipments full of exciting and unique pieces quite regularly so, remember to join our email list for updates. Take a trip to Nadeau ASAP to find an incredible addition to your home decor.

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