Media Stands – The Perfect Partner For Fall TV

The clouds are hanging low, storms are rolling in, and sweater weather is in full effect. Welcome to the new season! Autumnal trends are all about hibernating and creating a happy home, so now is the time to start prepping the very best kind of fall makeover… a home decor upgrade! Think of it as the Fashion Week of Home Furnishing. TV is the focal point of any living room decor and how you place the TV can either make-it- or- break-it. Make this seasonal transition quick and easy with five ways to bring hints of fall into your home with media stands – the perfect partner for fall TV.


Nature Indoors – 4-DOOR SIDEBOARD – $657 (sku: NE588) photo by Kefanie L.

Grab yourself a latte and pumpkin spice up your decor this season with fall-infused pieces. Its simple to create a palette that is inspired by the changing of leaves and cooler weather. Bring nature indoors with an attractive wood finish. This natural look is perfect for giving any space a dose of rustic elegance. The wood grain and modern lines create an ideal industrial farmhouse blend that will warm your home without you ever having to touch the thermostat.



Subtle Statement – INDUSTRIAL SIDEBOARD – $704 (sku: VA403) photo by Michael B.

Liven up any room with additions that are both lush and trendy. A splash of color is a refreshing way to lighten up this bright but not-so-bright-season. The neutral backdrop accentuates the natural iron material and the small pops of color draw the eye so you see something new with each glance. This console leaves plenty of room for a big screen and storage in this display. PRO TIP: Black goes with everything and orange, in a multitude of shades, it’s always a good option if you’re looking to make a seasonal statement.



Midnight Bliss – CARVED DOOR MEDIA STAND – $600 (sku: YD144122) photo by Christine S.

Autumn brings with it a burst of colors in a variety of intense hues. Traditionally, autumnal colors consist of burnt oranges, brick reds, as well as an array of rich earthy tones but you don’t have to jump on that bandwagon. There are plenty of other color schemes to take into consideration. Deep jewel-toned colors, warm plums, and bold emerald teals can be utilized to create a “nature at night-time” look that is simultaneously exciting and comforting. Pair these alternative colors with a crisp white console and your decor becomes brighter and uniquely your own.



Simplicity – 8-DRAWER CABINET – $543 (sku: VA528) photo by jolielaidedesigns

There is something almost daring about deviating from the usual fall trends. As the sky shifts back and forth from stunning shades of grey to brilliant shades of blue, you should be ready to switch up your go-to styles too. Ditch the hyped-up colors in favor of a modern piece with a natural finish that can be incorporated into an all-white color scheme. The crisp white provides a refreshing visual balance with the warm wood tones in this console. This airy look is equally refreshing with its simplicity. Just be sure to remember, in the absence of color add plenty of texture, accents, and accessories. It all depends on the type of soul you want to infuse into your space.



Rustic Autumnal Aesthetic – 6-DRAWER CABINET – $650 (sku: NE631) photo by Julie D.

Set the tone to neutral with all natural wood. Layering in textures and colors found in nature can relax the soul. Simple shapes of decor can even elevate the standard neutral palette. This console captures the shift in seasons as the landscape changes from bright and lively to warm and cozy.


Make it clear you’re oh-so-ready to celebrate this upcoming season by revamping your decor with something new from Nadeau. They are sure to give you a case of the warm-fuzzies while you nest as the temperatures start to drop. Fall is the time for new beginnings and this was just a peek at all of the amazing items we carry to put you into the seasonal spirit. We receive new shipments full of delectable and exciting pieces quite regularly so you’ll always have new items to discover. Take a trip to Nadeau this season to find the perfect treat for your home decor. Click HERE to locate your nearest store and don’t forget to send photos of your projects to See you soon!

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