Make A Statement With Your Statement Wall

They hold up your home and keep out the cold but they are too often taken for granted when it comes to interior design. Your walls are more than just a backdrop for the soulful furniture you fall in love with. Take advantage of these underutilized surfaces and make the most out of your space! Nadeau has got you covered from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. Visit your local store to find a variety of hanging accessories to help bring your vision to life. Your walls are a blank canvas just waiting to be painted…or in this case decorated!

Statement walls are stylish, easy to put together, and loads of fun because, like all other design projects, the finished product is 100% Y-O-U! There are unlimited concept options you can utilize to put together your masterpiece, so go wild! If you need a little guidance on how to make a certain style work for you, Nadeau is always here to help!



Art Gallery

You can create your own in-home art gallery! Don’t shy away from bold and contrasting hues. Utilizing a variety of oil paintings, still lifes, or portraits can have an aesthetically pleasing effect, as long as you have the right accents around the room to coordinate with your new splashes of color. Botanicals, vintage, zoological, and more are waiting to find their place in your home.


Find Your Frame

Alternatively, if you feel that your room requires a bold presence without the color that paintings bring, consider a compilation of ornate framed mirrors and photos. By sticking to brown, black, and beige frames, your wall will be able to draw the eye without clashing with your current color themes.


Thematic Perfection

Use your wall to tell your guests about what you love by compiling various accessories to create a unifying theme. This approach works best in neutral rooms that could use a bit of charisma! For example: combining a number of teak and nautical style pieces can transport you to the beach with just a glance.


Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Think outside the box and always be ready to blaze a home decor trail. There are no firmly fixed rules when it comes to design.  Find pieces you love and mount them on your wall in whatever fashion you like. Who knows you could be the next Philippe Starck or Patricia Urquiola by just following your heart.


This was just a taste of all of the amazing items we carry to help you build your statement wall. We receive new shipments full of exciting and unique pieces quite regularly so, you’ll always find our inventory refreshingly chic. Take a trip to Nadeau ASAP to find an incredible addition for your home decor. Click here to locate your nearest store and don’t forget to send photos of your projects to See you soon!

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