Liz Kamarul: Style, Design & Nadeau

Liz Kamarul is a free-spirit with a passion for traveling, thrift-shopping and collecting the perfect plants. She lives and breathes everything style and design related. Born and raised in Idaho, Kamarul graduated from college with a major in clothing design and a minor in interior design. She now lives in the vibrant, lively city of New Orleans with her husband and two dogs.

Iron & Wood Table | $255 | Sku # SU206

Liz visited Nadeau, in New Orleans near the heart of the Garden District, in search of the perfect dining table. We got to speak with her more about her personal style and what lead her to pick this particular table for her gorgeous home.

How would you describe your interior design style?
“I would describe it as vintage-eclectic-bohemian.”

What attracted you to Nadeau New Orleans?
“I love the unique furniture and seeing things that felt truly original.”

Why/How did you choose this particular piece for your home?
“I chose this dining table for our space because it was exactly the right size and I loved the interesting shape of the base.”

What do you believe is the most important factor when selecting a new piece of furniture for your home?
“Make sure that whatever you bring into your home you are absolutely in love with. You should create a space where everything has a purpose and makes you happy.”

Do you have any design tips for someone in search of the perfect piece at Nadeau?
“Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces. Combining different styles can make a space interesting.”

With quality furniture at affordable prices, it’s no wonder people like Kamarul choose Nadeau to infuse some soul into their home! Here’s a sneak peak of the pieces that can be found at Nadeau New Orleans!  Also, check out Liz’s Instagram for more swoon worthy design inspiration! (videos taken by Liz Kamarul)

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