Labor Day Design Essentials

Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the contributions workers have made to this country. As Americans, we just love any excuse to celebrate, throw parades, and most importantly….host outdoor barbecues!

So chances are you’re prepping to host an event at your home over this national holiday. We know you’re excited to get the day off work, but you might be stressed at the daunting task of cleaning and preparing your home before family and friends arrive. Keep reading for some helpful hosting tips along with the perfect party suggestions in regards to home decor, seating, and overall design.

When it comes to hosting events at your home – indoors or outdoors – ample seating is crucial. It is equally important to have ample space for people to small talk, sip their drinks, and move about the party. These are the two most important factors: seating and spacing!

The party should flow from one room to another. When your guests can move around and leave one room’s environment for another, it really helps to sustain the party. Imagine how bored and restless you would feel if the entire evening took place in a single room.

Another pro tip to hosting over the holiday weekend is to remove anything of high value that could, for example, get totally ruined by the spill of a beer or of BBQ sauce. Swap out your lovely, everyday decor for some red, white, and blue!

Chindi Striped Rug // $67 // Item #HD806
Planter // $15 // Item #AB1453

Having plenty of plush pillows and throws laying upon your couches, futons, and arm chairs helps create a cozy vibe!

Anchor Pillow // $38 // Item #HD889


Anchor & Star Throw // $63 // Item #HD890









Don’t forget that there are plenty of reasons to own red, white, and blue home accessories. There’s at least 3 national holidays where it goes perfectly. Plus this color scheme is perfect for summer, for nautical and coastal designs, and so much more.

Iron Dining Table // $302 // Item #VA613

It is always easier to clean sticky stains off of metal rather than wood furniture. If industrial isn’t too heavy of a style for you, then we absolutely recommend metal and iron finishes wherever possible.

Iron Chair // $75 // Item #PR678

We hope that you found these tips helpful and feel better prepared to host everyone over Labor Day! Get barbecue-ready with help from the array of soulful furniture at your local Nadeau! We carry furniture in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Our inventory is always changing, so be sure to join your location’s newsletter to get notified whenever a new shipment of treasures arrives. As always, we love seeing your creations around the home, so please send photos to pr@furniturewithasoul. Wishing you all a happy long weekend!

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