Just Moved? A Week by Week Guide to Fill up Your Space

It’s crazy to think about the amount of work necessary to do before, while, and after moving into a new space. You have to deal with packing (which feels endless), selling old furniture through at least 3 mediums, switching utilities, traveling back and forth to storage (if necessary), carrying boxes heavier than you, breaking the bank by constantly dining out (since all of your pots and pans are packed and you’re just too darn tired to even cook), renting, loading, and unloading a moving truck, inspecting the new space (and finding more reasons to complain to the manager/past-owner), trying to make some sort of city made entirely of boxes, and finally buying new furniture to fill your empty but cluttered (yes it can be both) new home. If you had to pick the one task you’d long for most, it’s obviously the latter (too bad it’s last). But even though it’s the best part, it can still feel somewhat daunting when figuring out which piece to get first. That’s why, we created this nifty, week-by-week infographic to make adding unique pieces to your space a whole lot easier.


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