Is the Sea Calling Your Name? Go Nautical!

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Image via Apartment Therapy

Wanting to give your home a nautical look for the rest of the Summer? These quick tips will help you transform your home into a sea oasis.

Tip 1:  Add a few seafaring items and furniture to get the job done. Always remember less is more!

Tip 2: When going nautical, look for items with a distressed appearance and twists worked into their design. These items will look like you grabbed the piece from the bottom of the ocean off a sunken ship!

Tip 3: Decorate with small items that will make a splash and can be moved easily. These items will make your transition between seasons quick and easy.

Tip 4: Shades of blue and white give an instant feel of being on the ocean. Work these colors in when looking for items.

Use these tips to give your home a cool, ocean feel as the late summer sun makes days hotter.

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