How to Pull off Industrial and Modern

Something old and something new, industrial modern design is the new breath-taking way to pair soft with hard, bold with mild, and is the perfect yin to your yang that you’ve been looking for. Industrial interiors are popular for their vintage, timeless, and often distressed designs. Small history lesson: It’s a trend that was inspired by old factories and industrial spaces that were converted into urban living and became popular in the early 2000’s. The juxtaposition of the modern design details adds a touch of class that provides the perfect balance of charm as well as masculinity. Incorporating a balance of worn-out, brick, metal, and raw finishes with stunning pops of color and plush decor might sound tricky (crazy even) but when done right the outcome is gorgeous! If you’re looking to add some oomph to your home, then check out our “Get The Look” guides below. The home of your dreams is just a Nadeau trip away!



These looks are just the tip of the iceberg! The sky is the limit for ways you can tackle this concept of functionality and comfort. It takes a lot of courage to bare it all, the structural elements may seem unfinished but rest assured this design is both cohesive and chic. Industrial modern is a fast-winning trend around the world and we have plenty of pieces to complete this awe-inspiring look! Stop by your local Nadeau for the wide selection of styles imported from India and Indonesia. Click here to find a store nearest you. Don’t forget to sign-up on our mailing list to get the first pick of new arrivals!

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