How To Maximize A Small Space!

There are many rooms in a household that you can transform into a multi-use space. This becomes especially useful when you’re living in a studio or a one-bedroom apartment. There are also many pieces that can double-up and perform multiple tasks. From living rooms and dining rooms to tables and sideboards, there are a few hacks that you can implement to maximize space immediately.


Instead of trying to fit a dining table AND a coffee table, use the latter for all your go-to meals.
You can also get rid of your sofa and lay down a few poufs for an intimate, zen setting.

Coffee Table $243 (sku # PC6218) | Square Pouf $86 (sku # ND512) [Nadeau Cincinnati client submission]


Storage is always a necessity. By combining the sinks with buffets or sideboards, you can make your small bathroom roomier.

Sideboard $448 (sku # YD2994) [Image by Daniel Kees]


If a dining table is a must in your space, use it as a desk as well to incorporate your working life with your eating life.

Dining Table $714 (sku # KA100 ) [Image by mmschmitz]

…and there are so many more ways to make your square footage more economical. Convert your closet into a small office, use seating options that double as storage space, choose furniture that is light and stackable…the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination! Feel free to reach out to our in-store team of home decor professionals for more ideas. Stop by your local Nadeau with a list of measurements, and go find a favorite new piece that’ll fit perfectly within your confines. Don’t forget to sign-up for your location’s newsletter to receive alerts every time a new shipment of unique accessories and furniture arrives.

[Featured images from @domestikait and Julia Simpson]


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