How To Make Your Office Homier

Image via Elle Decor
Image via ELLE Decor

In the past, office spaces have been traditional and conventional. Make yourself at home by adding flair and homier touches to make your work space more you.

With these tips from us and ELLE Decor, your office oasis is only steps away:

Tip 1: Use contrasting chairs

Just like with your dining set, contrasting chairs can give your desk a laid back and relaxing feel while you work.

Tip 2: Position your desk facing or near a window

By placing your desk in the direction of windows, natural light can boost your morale and productivity while decreasing stress.

Tip 3: Add a “pop” of color to increase creativity

A statement piece in your office can help increase creativity by keeping your mind active.

Tip 4: Match the color of your desk with other “heavy” pieces

By matching your desk with the color of other larger pieces of the room, you can give your office a more uniform feel that may decrease stress.

Tip 5: Use a dining table as your desk

By using tables as alternatives to desks you can create the feel of being at home. Depending on the size of the table, it may help create an atmosphere for collaboration within your workplace.

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