How to control electronics behind closed doors

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If you are like us you have several different electronic components in your home theater system. While these provide us with the video and audio we seek, the devices themselves are cosmetically displeasing to the eye and can ruin any décor.

This is where wooden door consoles come in – to fit with the styling of your home it is very common to want to hide these electronics behind closed doors. While this solves the issue of blinking lights and ugly face plates it presents its own problem with remote control operation.

Many of our customers have asked us, “if I buy a TV console without glass, how do I use the remote without leaving the doors open?” a great solution is the infrared repeator.

A basic remote control operates from line of sight – meaning if your remote control can “see” the component it will work properly. Once electronics are hidden behind wood doors, that line of sight is interrupted and the remote controls no longer work.

The job of the infrared repeater is to repeat your remote commands to the hidden electronics so they perform the correct functions.

How an infrared repeater works:

  • A sensor called a receiving eye is placed in a visible location.  This sensor will “suck up” or receive remote control signals.  There are two types of sensors available the standard “table top” style eye or a smaller discrete “tear drop” style eye.
  • A very small device called an infrared emitter is physically placed on the front panel of each of your electronic components. These emitters stick in place and rest directly on top of the receiving eyes of your electronics.
  • There is a small device hidden inside the furniture called a connecting block where the receiving eye, infrared emitters, and power supply are plugged.
  • Simply point your existing remote controls at the receiving eye and the signals will be repeated to the concealed electronics.  No new remote controls and no new programming is necessary.

With this relatively inexpensive device (around $43 +) you can hide those unwanted DVD players, audio devices and DVR boxes behind doors and still enjoy your theater system:

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