How to Add Rustic Style to Your Home

Do you want to add some rustic furniture to your home without it looking like a total bachelor pad? Perfecting the rustic look is not always easy. And often, you’re not aiming for a uniform style throughout the entire home either. The best way to add that rustic charm is to blend it with modern or farmhouse pieces for a nice contrast.

Blending decorative styles together is definitely the way to go. Matching everything is dull – balance is key! Forget the conventional decorating rules. Pairing rustic pieces with different styles keeps it both fresh and interesting. The best way you can blend two styles is to let one definitely dominate over the other.

Check out these tips on how to perfect modern or farmhouse with a rustic twist!


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Modern with a Rustic Twist: Pairing rustic wood pieces with white furniture makes quite the lovely contrast. For example, a rustic wood table pairs really well with a white buffet or sideboard in the living room. Spice it up with a live-edge wood table for the perfect rustic/modern combination. Another example is to pair a modern white bed frame with reclaimed wood side tables. This pairing of white and natural wood finishes can easily be incorporated into almost any room you choose. Your room will look polished while maintaining all of the function and aesthetic appeal that you desire. Effortlessly blend rustic and modern styles in your dining room by pairing a wood table with solid-colored plastic or metal chairs. A pop of color in the chairs offsets the simple design of the table perfectly. Check out how @Modishco styled this very modern living room with some rustic flare.



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Farmhouse with a Rustic Twist: This style combination requires a little less effort than the modern/rustic pairing. To start, farmhouse and rustic styles share several common elements. They both strive to create a weathered-over-time look and emphasize distressed wood. Sturdy, time-tested furniture that puts functionality first is key to both styles as well. The best way to perfect a farmhouse dining room with rustic flare is by pairing a reclaimed wood table with a variety of different chairs in muted colors. Blending chair styles is key to perfecting that rustic, farmhouse vibe. @TheHomesteadHaven absolutely nailed the rustic farmhouse dining room vibe.




Do not forget that farmhouse or modern should still be the dominate style throughout your home. More than half of each room’s design should embody that particular style. After that, you can add rustic flare by adding industrial lighting or woodsy accents for example. Another suggestion is to find the perfect leather chair that could go in your living room, office, or wherever you choose; a leather armchair is quintessential rustic style.


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