Holiday Entertaining With Soul

The holiday season is upon us, which means…you guessed it…time to start sprucing up your interior decor to welcome family and friends into your home. Make sure to cover the entertaining basics such as having a great dining room set for dinner and conversation, as well as plenty of space to present all of the delicious food and drink you’re going to slave over.

Also, don’t be afraid to show guests your true personality and/or sense of humor. A home that’s “too perfect” can be cold and unwelcoming. Infusing your abode with quirky, not-so-perfect items you adore can help guests feel at ease and get to know the real you.

Nadeau loves the holiday season and has you covered from the entertaining basics to eccentric pieces that are sure to add a bit of soul to your living space and guest’s experience.


The dining room is ground zero for holiday hosting, so it’s good to have a sturdy dining room set that can accommodate a crowd. This large, rough-sawn, solid wood table is sure to hold up to those rambunctious youngsters bumping around, wine spills, and family and friends socializing for hours on end. The rustic style is warm, inviting, and low maintenance.


Having two people split the Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey wishbone is an ages-old holiday tradition. The person who ends up with the larger piece gets to make a wish. Guests will definitely not be splitting this cast iron wishbone bottle opener, but it’s a fun reminder of the ritual to come.


After your visitors have retired to the living room or den after the holiday feast, it’s nice to bring out a post-meal cup of coffee, tea or treat to help them recover. These colorful, handcrafted serving trays are sure to also bring a smile to their faces.

WINE RACK (KA744, $45)

Not all of us can afford to display our cherished bottles of vino in a temperature controlled wine refrigerator or, for the really lucky ones, a full wine cellar. So why not keep it simple with this handcrafted, solid wood wine rack? You can even set it next to the dining room table – a luxury you don’t have with those other fancy storage options.


Preparing holiday meals is a lot of work! Sometimes it requires multiple days of preparation to craft that fanciful feast for family and friends. Posting this bit of caffeine-fueled humor in the kitchen or nearby will remind everybody that first thing’s first in the morning, afternoon, and sometimes evening.

Hint to guests: If your host is a coffee lover, bring them a bag or two of their favorite roasted coffee beans for the holidays. Even take time to brew them a nice cup. This small gesture will put a big smile on their faces.

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Happy holidays!

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