Happy Thanksgiving

It’s the time of year to count your blessings, and we at Nadeau are taking the time to tally everything we are thankful for–namely, all of our loyal customers in cities across the US. We also thought we’d take this opportunity to share some of what our individual stores and HQ staff are thankful for this season. Here’s a taste of what we’re happy about:

Nadeau HQ:

I am grateful for my wife Angel who is always loving me and supportive of me. ~Tom Nadeau, Co-founder and CEO

I am thankful for the opportunity to spend my first Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family–who are all amazing cooks! ~Lauren Taylor, vice president

I am thankful for: My family, my health, thankful I live in the US, opportunity, music, a creative mind, to be alive. ~Scott Grandis, logistics manager

Every year we gather around a table and eat delicious food prepared with love, but most people do not openly express their true reasons for being grateful. I am going to take this moment to be thankful for all the gifts I have received, my loving family, my true love and most importantly the struggles and triumphs I have experienced in my life thus far. Those life experiences have me looking forward to the future. ~Jacqueline Hausfeld, administrative and logistics assistant

I am thankful for…the breath in my lungs…the clothes on my back & the roof over my head…the opportunity to just be living…the beauty the Earth provides no matter how big or small…the ability to love and love again…the simple pleasures of life…the companionship of Friends & Family…Happy Thanksgiving!!! ~Crystal Hale, front desk assistant

I am thankful for my amazing family who I miss everyday, the opportunity to live in America, the invention of airplanes for getting me here and chocolate cake for being so yummy! Happy Thanksgiving! ~Franci Kneller, marketing coordinator

Nadeau Alexandria:

I’m forever grateful for God and my parents for showing unconditional love and support for me even when I didn’t deserve it. ~Daniel Cavanaugh, manager

I am thankful for having such a loving family who doesn’t judge me and accepts me for me. ~Vecente Murray, assistant manager

Even in this tough economy,  I’m grateful for having been given a chance to work for Nadeau and having such awesome people to work with is a major plus.  ~Oscar

Nadeau Austin:

I am thankful for my friends and family, for those that have passed that make an ever present memory in my life, laughter, tears, good health… I am thankful for every moment.  ~Sarah Hale, manager 

We take what we are thankful for sometimes for granted, I, on the other hand, am especially thankful for my health, the love and support from my wife, my past, my present and whatever my future might hold.   ~Jaret Patterson, assistant manager

Nadeau Buckhead:

I am thankful today and everyday for my family. People who are forever encouraging and fill my heart with joy and happiness. ~Julie W. Edwards, manager

I am thankful for everyday I set foot on this earth. For the love and great support from my family and friends. And for God showing me such favor. ~Roger Ferrier, assistant manager

I am thankful for my family, my husband and two beautiful children. And I am thankful to be born an American and to have the freedom of choice. ~Jeanie Bryan

I am thankful to the Lord that I am here to celebrate with my Mom one more year, as her 92nd birthday is Thanksgiving Day. ~Donnie Sanders

Nadeau Chicago:

We in Chicago are thankful for the opportunity to meet so many amazing customers who are as passionate about design as we are.

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