Guest Blog Post – A Home Requires Action

Designing an apartment often leaves renters with an uneasy feeling. Due to a mixture of feelings of impermanence and restrictions, taking an active approach to altering an apartment can feel like a burden.

The limitations of altering an apartment are very present. With varying levels of strictness about how much you can change from complex to complex, it’s often difficult to build up the nerve to even ask what you can do.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s consider what a home is. Besides a home being the place where we are and where we come back to, a home is the place that we fill with our belongings. It is a collection of symbols and objects that represent our interests, our enjoyment, our families and our history. Just by placing these objects into a space, this space becomes completely unique. It becomes representative of us.

Yet, we do not just empty our things into our home. By simply organizing, we craft the layout of our home. This is a type of interaction and participation. We create the dining room, the living space and our private spaces. We organize how movement is to take place by the way we arrange tables, beds, and shelves.

The feelings of restriction prevent us from being able to connect with our home on a deeper level. For those that have never crafted their own DIY project, this may sound like a stretch, but there is a unique feeling of accomplishment, control and connection that results from taking an active stance in altering your surroundings. Suddenly, you find that there is a larger part of yourself in your living space because you’ve spent the time and energy to imprint yourself upon it in a finer detail. Once you examine your living space, analyze its layout, color, and textures, you redefine what this previously empty space means to you.

What this all comes down to is taking an active stance towards making your apartment a home. Just because the space you live in is located in an apartment complex doesn’t mean that you should give up on adding personal touches to it.

From just painting your walls, to adding wallpaper or tiling to your living rooms, kitchens and bathroom, adding your own lighting fixtures, or constructing your own furniture, there are innumerable ways to connect with your apartment on a creative and personalizing level.

Taking that extra step of designing your interior is what will make it feel like a home. So get out there and take that step!

This post was written by Adam Busch of RentLingo. RentLingo is the biggest source of expert and unbiased apartment reviews and ratings. By sending out local experts to inspect apartment buildings, RentLingo’s reviews have a consistency unmatched by any other type of apartment rating service. Also, with the ability to connect to Facebook, users are able to see what their friends have said about prospective areas and neighborhoods.

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