Get The Look – A Designer's Sophisticated New Orleans Style

Capture Interior Designer, Christina Graci’s sophisticated and timeless look. Located in the lively and artistic Warehouse District of New Orleans, LA, Graci strives to bring her own love for collecting to her space and her clients’ with enduring designs, pieces, and colors.

Her 1,000 square feet home is created into a classic haven with 14 foot ceilings and brick walls from an older building which the Warehouse District is known for. See inside her space:

Just like Graci, we strive to provide pieces and looks everyone will love. Loving Graci’s style? Steal a similar look with pieces from Nadeau:

Like the left? Try the right! (AB802) $47 (KA312) $187
Like the left? Try the right!
(AB802) $47, (KA312) $187
Like the left? Try the right! (NT066) $86 (AB802) $47 (AB829) $62 (WS050) $47 (IS031) $36
Like the left? Try the right!
(NT066) $86, (AB802) $47, (AB829) $62, (WS050) $47, (IS031) $36
Like the Left? Try The right! (PC5028) $497 (AB658) $42
Like the left? Try The right!
(PC5028) $497, (AB658) $42
Like the left? Try the right! (AB620) $35, (A310) $726, (AB691) $54, (KA502) $912

Christina Graci is a licensed Interior Designer From New Orleans, LA. Together, with her brother, Chad Graci, their sister-brother team works to bring their clients classic and timeless interiors for them to continue to love as years pass and trends change. Look for them in Houston, TX as well! Learn more about their designs by visiting Graci Interiors.

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